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Wolf Shadows

Wolf Shadows


Wolf Shadows


Wolves are prowling the Minnesota woods, and they're making people in Seth and Matt's town nervous--and angry! Hunters clai that wolves are "stealing" deer from their hunting ground. But wolves are a protected species--to kill one means a large fine or even jail time. When it seems the wolves have killed Matt's favorite calf, Matt takes the law into his own hands and fatally shoots the next wolf he sees. Overwhelmed by feelings of anger and disgust, Seth leaves Matt in the woods even though he knows Matt cannot find his way back alone. 


When word gets out that a wolf has been killed, Seth and Matt's friendship is put to the test. Seth must now decide whether he should keep Matt's crime a secret or risk the friendship he's had for so long...


Author: Mary Casanova

Published By: Hyperiod Paperbacks for Children; 1999

Format: Paperback, 123 pages

Ages: 8-12 

SKU: 384
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