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Give a Gift That Gives Forever

What is an Endowment?

Endowments are often structured so that the principal value is kept intact, while the investment income or a small part of the principal is available for use each year. The Historical Society maintains four separate endowment funds; three of which are privately donated family funds and one general fund. These funds are currently invested in safe, low-risk securities, and through careful management and planning, we have been able to grow these endowments to provide modest income for the society over the past two decades.  

Interested in Contributing?

A Named Endowment Fund may be established only with donated assets of $10,000 or more per fund.

If you wish to contribute to an existing fund, our General Fund is available for public donations. These can be made in any amount and be given in Honor/Memory of an individual if the donor so desires. 


Only family members may give to currently named Endowment funds outside of the General Endowment. 

Donors will be given a receipt and acknowledgement letter for their contribution. You also have the option to be publicly recognized on our website and in our front garden with a small plaque.*


*Garden plaques are available depending on donor contribution level.