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Become a Part of History

Why Choose Membership?

KCHS Members are our greatest treasures; they are what keep our organization running and play a vital role in our future! Our collection can only continue to grow and will be sustained for future generations thanks to our dedicated members who appreciate its significance, and support its care. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, there are several levels available. Membership within our facility holds many benefits, but we feel that perhaps, the greatest benefit of all, is knowing that your support in our organization, helps us to continue to grow and remain open for everyone to enjoy. 

Membership Benefits

  • Invitations to exhibits, lectures, and program events.

  • Free admission to the Bronko Nagurski and Historical Museums.

  • Discounts on gift shop purchases.

  • News and updates on current activities at the Society/Museums

  • Discounts on Assisted Research

Membership Levels

There are two types of Membership levels available, Basic and Contributing. 

Basic Memberships are as follows:

Individual--$25: Benefits cover one adult as well as all member benefits.

Family--$35: Benefits cover two adults in one household and their children through age eighteen; or for one adult and one guest. Membership includes all member benefits. 

Business--$50: Benefits cover employees and includes 10 one-time family passes.

Contributing Memberships have three available levels. These are for two adults and their children through age eighteen. Benefits are available for all those persons listed on the membership or for a single person and one unlisted friend. 

  • Donor--$50-$199

  • Supporter--$200-$499

  • Sustaining--$500-$999*

*quarterly billing available

If you are interested in any of these membership options, click the "Join Now" button! 

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