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Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring exhibit cases in our facility is a beautiful and lasting way to honor or memorialize a loved one or close friend. In doing so, your sponsorship also enhances our exhibits, by allowing us to purchase and display our collections in beautiful white birch cases. These cases preserve our collection and allows visitors to enjoy our displays for generations to come.

Case Sizes
  • 2'DX4'WX8'H

  • 30"DX60"WX36"H

  • 30"DX36"WX30"H

  • 30"DX48"WX30"H

  • 30"DX54"WX30"H

  • $2,500.00

  • $1,300.00

  • $1,100.00

  • $650.00

  • $750.00

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