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Wilderness Son

Wilderness Son


Wilderness Son: A Lifetime of Experiences


A true son of the wilderness, Floyd Kielczewski, hunter, fisherman, trapper, white water expert, and licensed Ontario guide was born and raised in the unsettled wilderness of Northern Ontario. For Floyd and his family, living off the land was a matter of survival. They hunted their meat, grew their own garden, and built their own log cabins. What they couldn’t make, grow, or hunt, they bought with the sale of fur from animals they trapped. Formal education was not an option for Floyd or his siblings as they were expected to join their father in securing a living. At the age of seven, Floyd’s father gave him his first gun, which was a lever action single shot .22. In his lifetime, Floyd has killed 238 deer, 65 moose, and 68 bear. This a collection of short stories based on his wilderness experiences. Now in his 80’s, Floyd continues to hunt, fish, and trap. He currently resides in Northern Minnesota and spends time on the rivers and lakes of Northern Ontario where he is most in his element.



320 Pages

Published by CreateSpace, Independent Publishing Platform

 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches



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