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The Great Catch

The Great Catch


The Great Catch: Alaskan Short Stories


This is a book of short stories that takes place in "The Great Land," of Alaska. They say Alaska is "The Last Great Adventure," and in these pages you will read about some of them. 


There is an Eskimo boy who overcomes adversity and faces the choice of, "doing what is right." You will read about a Norwegian fisherman of the old days who rows his boat for days just to get to the "grounds," and the herring fishermen who battle storms to make a catch. An old man in a remote cabin works beyond endurance just to save his dog. There are stories of the pilots and the Eskimos, and old timers who live in trapper's cabins far from any village. 


There are stories of sacrifice, tragedy, courage, endurance, and even a murder or two. 


The authenticity of these stories will draw the reader in and make him a art of each tale and reluctant to close the page at the end of the book. 


Author: Dale Hanson

Published by: Dale Hanson

Format: Hardcover, 270 pages. Autographed Edition. 

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