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Precious and Adored

Precious and Adored


Precious and Adored: The Love Letters of Rose Cleveland and Evangeline Simpson Whipple; 1890-1918


In 1890, Rose Cleveland, sister of President Grover Cleveland, began writing to Evangeline Simpson, a wealthy window who would become the second wife of Minnesota's Episcopal bishop, Henry Whipple. Their captivating letters, most written in Cleveland's dramatic, quirky style, guide readers through new love, heartbreak, and the rekindling of a committed relationship. Additional materials by editors Lizzie Ehrenhalt and Tilly Laskey introduce these powerful women and the causes they worked for, give context for same-sex relationships at the time, and explain refrences to friends, family and historical events. 


After Cleveland's death, Whipple described her as "my precious & adored life-long friend." This collection, rare in its portrayal of nineteenth-century LGBTQ history, brings their poignant story back to life. 

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