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Long Rifle Beard Balm
  • Long Rifle Beard Balm


    Suffering from scratchy skin under that beard? Looking for something that will make your beard shiny and soft without the greasy look? Then you should probably try our beard balm! Unlike the Voyageurs, you don't have to use some weird animal fats; just a little coconut oil, some beeswax, (okay we lied...there's lanolin in it) and some nice smelling oils and VOILA! BEARD BALM and a nice soft beard everyone will want to put run their fingers through--except maybe don't let strangers do that right now. Because, you know, pandemic, and you don't know where those hands have been! 


    Two scents are available to tame that beard of yours without taming your inner manliness. 


    Choose from:


    Hunting Lodge with a mixed scents of Bay Rhum: Tobacco: Leather 




    Voyaguer with mixed scents of Oakmoss: Sandalwood: Patchouli

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