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Humulus Lupulus L., Cannabineae 8X10 Print

Humulus Lupulus L., Cannabineae 8X10 Print


First brewed with barley in the 5th millenia, beer has grown in taste, variety, and skill for brewing. Give the gift of this beautiful print that depicts the delicate art form of the "hops" plant; a perfect addition to the wall of any craft brewer, or for someone who just appreciates the art of brewing good beer. 


Humulus Lupuus: The Hop Flower--The original art is from Kohler's Medicinal Plants, a German medicinal guide published by Franz Eugen Kohler in 1887. It was written by Herman Kohler and contains chromolithography plates by the illustrators Walther Muller, C.F. Schmidt, and K. Gunther. 


The pages have been scanned in, cropped, and retourched to ensure the highest quality reproduction possible. This print is digitally printed on 100% cotton rag hot press paper for long-term durability. Both paper and ink are acid-free and archival. 

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