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Great Old-Fashioned American Recipes

Great Old-Fashioned American Recipes


Great Old-Fashioned American Recipes


American country cooking is a story of cows and chickens, grains, fresh vegetables, and wild berries. It is simple and honest and touched with nostalgi, a bit of ethnicity, regionality, and history. This excellent selection of deligious home-style recipes by veteran food writer Beatrice Ojakangas highlights dishes that reflect many parts of the country and many different cuisines. Her recipe for Swedish Meatballs includes sauces adaptable for Asian, Indian, Italian, and Russian style meals, while her moist and sumptuous Chocolate-Applesauce cake is a distinctive Dutch favorite and her original Country-Style Ice Cream is a traditional treat all will love. Each recipe has been tested and reworked to make it easy to prepare with today's ingredients and a joy to share with friends and family. 


Author: Beatrice Ojakangas

Published By: University of Minnesota Press

Format: Paperback, 205 pages 

SKU: 465
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