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Ghostly Tales of Iowa

Ghostly Tales of Iowa


Ghostly Tales of Iowa


Iowa's folklore is rich in stories of the uncanny and spine-tingling. Since pioneer days, there have been tales of unexplained hovering lights, footsteps that no one visible made, and shadows haunting forests and caves. In Ghostly Tales of Iowa, you'll encounter benevolent spirits who enjoy company and sometimes tease the flesh-and-bone residents who share their homes. There are stories of spirits that prefer solitary existence or have business to finish before they will have rest. Some stories will make you laugh; others will make you wonder. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this collection of ghost stories is sure to entertain. 


Author(s): Ruth D. Hein & Vicky L. Hinsenbrock

Published By: Adventure Publications; 2005

Format: Paperback, 199 pages


SKU: 196
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