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Curse of a Winter Moon

Curse of a Winter Moon


Curse of a Winter Moon


It is sixteenth-century France. Six years ago, twelve-year-old Marius lost his mother during the birth of his brother; Jean-Pierre, and her dying wish was that he watch over his brother. But because Jean-Pierre was born on Christmas Eve, villagers believe he is marked with the curse of the loup garou-the werewolf. The task of protecting Jean-Pierre has been a never-ending struggle as townsfolk constantly eye the young boy with dread and suspicion. To make matters worse, the country is swepts up in a hysterical campaign to find and destroy enemies of the Church, and now the villagers have made Jean-Pierre their target. Marius must defy the ruling institutions of the time to save his brother's life--and his own. 


Curse of a Winter Moon is a harrowing story of one boy's fierce devotion to his family as he battles against prejudice and fear. 


Winner of a 2001 Minnesota Book Award. 


Author: Mary Casanova

Published By: Hyperion Paperbacks for Children, 2000

Format: Paperback, 129 pages

Ages: 10-14

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