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Born to Pull

Born to Pull


Born to Pull: The Glory of Sled Dogs


For centuries, sled dogs pulled the people of northern climates over otherwise impassable distances of snow and ice, guiding them home through trackless wilderness. THese burly, strong dogs were the lifeblood of the northern winter world. Today, from races like the famed Iditarod and the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon to sled dog tours, people from all climates are rediscovering the joy of this dog-powered sport. Born to Pull is a celebration of sled dogs who love to run in cold and snowy Minnesota, including lively stories from veteran mushers, insider information on dog care and training, and breathtaking watercolor illustrations that make the dogs come to life on the page. 



Author: Bob Cary

Illustrations: Gail de Marcken

Published: University of Minnesota Press, 2009 (1st edition 1999)

94 pages


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