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Blackwater Ben

Blackwater Ben


Blackwater Ben/Deadman's Rapids


Join 13 year old Ben Ward as he leaves school for a job as a cook's assistant to his father at the Blackwater Logging Camp. Ben spends long hours peeling potatoes and frying flapjacks as he dremas of workin gin the woods with the other men; felling trees, driving a team, and skidding timber. While enduring a long, cold winter in a camp filled with outlandish characterss, as well as an orphan boy named Nevers, Ben comes to understand himself and his family's past. 


In Deadman's Rapids, the story picks up where Blackwater Ben left off. Spring comes and Ben signs up for the log drive with his friend Nevers. Together they endure freezing weather, dangerous rapids, logjams, storms, and floods, learning about logging on the river and a whole lot more about life along the way. 


Pick up both books today! 

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