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A Woman's War, Too

A Woman's War, Too


A Woman's War, Too: Women at Work During World War II


World War II was a total war, devouring the military and civilian resources of nations Women in Minnesota--like women across the country--made bold, unconventional, and important contributions to the effort. They enlisted in all branches of the military and worked for th emilitary as civilians. They labored in factories, mines, and shipyards. They were also tireless peace activists, and they worked to relocate interned Japanese American citizens and European refugees. They served as cryptologists, journalists, pilots, riveters, factory workers, nurses, entertainers, and spies. 


In this rich chronological account, Virginia M. Wright-Peterson reframes our understanding of the war through the specific and powerful stories of individual women. It was their war too. 


  • Author: Virginia M. Wright-Peterson
  • Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2020
  • Format: Paperback, 220 pages
SKU: 307
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